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THE BONEPICKER releases April 1, 2017!


It’s bitter cold in Oklahoma’s Ouachita Wilderness when Detective Sam Chitto of the Choctaw Tribal Police takes on a thirty-five year old cold case involving a missing Vietnam veteran and a murdered couple. The discovery of a man’s skull in the murdered woman’s casket, which her family had disinterred for further investigation, attracts the attention of the veteran’s mother. Believing the skull to be that of her son, she tasks Chitto with becoming a Bonepicker. Because bones survived flesh, Choctaw of old preserved the bones of their deceased, believing their essence dwelled within. Honored people, called Bonepickers, retrieved the bones and presented them to the family for burial.

When his preliminary investigation reveals former suspects in the old murder inquiry have a shorter-than-average life span, Chitto goes looking for the reason. As he unravels the mystery, long-held secrets that have kept residents living in fear the past thirty-five years begin to crumble .


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SEEKING CASSANDRA, Middle-grade mystery (ages 8-12), NOMINATED FOR 2017 OKLAHOMA BOOK AWARD!


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THE ROAD OF LIFE DESIGN: The half diamond design, according to Buster Ned, "is derived from (the) life of the people. The Choctaw people believed in the Great Spirit (God) in that their life followed an imaginary road. (The design symbolizes) that when they give aid to someone sick, they come off this imaginary road, and when the sick was well, he returned to this road and continued. (Likewise) when he did something bad, he again left the road, only he was on the opposite side, thus the half diamond design."