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I write fiction for children and adults. My first middle-grade novel went to print in 2012, my second in 2014, and a third, Seeking Cassandra, released April 15, 2016.  I also added adult novels, which I publish as Lu Clifton, in 2016. My first mystery, Scalp Dance, released February 17, 2016. I have several other books in the works, so drop by soon to see what's new on my shelves. Click on the GENRE images below to check out my work.


READ the 1st chapter of my adult mystery SCALP DANCE here!


COMING SOON: Sneak peek at Chapter One of my upcoming mystesry, THE BONEPICKER


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This interview was done three years ago for InPrint Radio. On it, I discuss writing in general, plus talk about the novels  I was working on then, which include Scalp Dance and Seeking Cassandra. Check it out . . .







Breakiing News: Seeking Cassandra, Middle-grade mystery (ages 8-12), released April 15.


The Kirkus Review:


The setting is vivid and the unusual cast, richly developed. Cassie narrates and is honest, sometimes painful . . . An unexpectedly deep mystery with plenty of talking points. (January 20. 2016)




In this thoughtful adventure-mystery, 12-year old Cassie learns a thing or two about herself a. . . and realizes she is more capable than she thinks. The pace of the narrative may be leisurely, but the truths Cassie realizes will resonate with young readers.  (February 12, 2016)


BUY HEREhttps://www.amazon.com/Seeking-Cassandra-Lutricia-Clifton/dp/0823435601


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Breaking News: Release Date for Scalp Dance: February 17, 2016.


STARRED REVIEW! The Library Journal describes Scalp Dance as "Compelling . . . vividly rendering southeastern Oklahoma settings -- the Ouachita Mountains, the Red River Valley, and the Chickasaw National Recreation area . . . "


Kirkus Review says Scalp Dance is a "fine procedural debut . . . made even more interesting by its detailed informtion on Native American ceremonies."


Kevin Tipple's Review Blog: It . . . would not be surprising if Scalp Dance: A Sam Chitto Mystery racked up several awards for author Lu Clifton. It is truly that good. May 14, 2016.


BUY HERE: https://www.amazon.com/Scalp-Dance-Sam-Chitto-Mystery/dp/1432831291


 See the Review Page for full reviews.