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If your classes or reading group have questions about any of my books, they can write me a letter and I will personally respond. I WILL ALSO POST THEIR LETTER TO THIS WEBSITE, UNDER "READERS WRITE . . ."


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Dylan goes to Coppergate Elementary School in Middleburg, Florida. He writes: My shool and I are celebrating Literacy Week. For Literacy Week, we get to write to our favorite author. The school has done very hard work on all the letters. The reason your books are good is because of how you characterize your characters and how it feels like you are in the book. In the book Freaky Fast Frankie Joe, does Frankie keep doing his job or does he quit? The only reason he needed the money was to run away. Al;so, does Ricky get into a relationship with Frankie's mom? Then again, we're all writing to our favorite author for Literacy Week. Good job on all the books you wrote and can't wait to read another.


Roseline, who attends West Elementary in Grand Praqirie, Texas writes: After reading your book, Freaky Fast Frankie Joe, I have a few questions and comments about the book. The first question that I have is "did anyone special inspire your main character Frankie Joe?" Another question I would like to ask is "will you be writing a sequel to Freaky Fast Frankie JOe?" Your book was very suspenseful and kept me wondering what will happen next to Frankie Joe? While reading the book, I sometimes felt sorry for Frankie Joe, because he never had a mother who really cared for him. My last question I would like to ask is "did you ever sell girl scout cookies like Mandy in Freaky Fast Frankie Joe?" I really enjoyed this book and I hope you will write many more!


The Wauchula Elementary School Book Group in Florida writes:


Micayla asked: Thank you for writing fffj  but why did you write it?


From Madalyn:  Did he ever get to go live with his mom?


William says:  The book was good I enjoyed the book.  it was fun to read and sad.


From Charlotte: Will you make a sequel to the book. If so please tell me. P.S. I love your book!


Ava says: Thank you for writing Freaky Fast Frankie Joe! It was a great book. What inspired you to write FFFJ? My favorite part was when Frankie Joe was riding in his dad’s car and he didn’t see McDonalds.


Drew writes: I absolutely loved your book. It was a very good choice for the SSYRA committee to make your book a SSYRA book. I would like to know why you make your character hate his brothers.


Cameron says: Freaky Fast Frankie Joe was a great book. I loved reading his adventures. It was sad for him when his mom went to jail. He stayed strong, that’s what I like about him.


Kellon writes: I love your book. I loved reading Freaky Fast Frankie Joe.


John asked:: How did you come up with the idea of this book?


Braden asked: How are you doing do you have kids and a husband  what kind of books have you written.


Brooklyn asks: Did he ever get to go back to live with his mom?


Emmie says:  I love your book, ''Freaky Fast Frankie Joe'' , it is a really good book. Text me back whenever you can


From Diego: Are you married. If so how many kids do yu have and what other books did you create. And I loved your book!.


Monica says:  I loved this book so much  it is the best battle book this year . It was so good that i read it in one day my fav port was at the end when him and his step brother got along and became friend it was so sweet that i even cry it was not because it  was sad it was because it was so sweet.


Madison asks: Why does Frankie Joe try to run away back to home? Please send me back an e-mail when you get the chance to.


Shaybree, who is from Kansas, writes that she likes the book.  "I love pizza, so that was one of the rasons why.. I also like the stepmom, but I thought the real mom was a jerk."


Tinley from Kanbsas writes that "I think that Freaky Fast Frankie Joe is an amazing book. It is very creative. . . . It was one of of my favorites."


Jason, who attends Emma Love Harddee, writes that she thinks I should make a Freaky Fast Franky Joe 2. . . . "I would love to see more book of yours."


Audrey R., who attends Jack Lummus Intermediate School in Ennis, Texas, writes that she  "could connect with [Frankke Joe] and the imagery was really great. I could picture it throughout the whole book."


Jacob S., who attends Jack Lummus Intermediate School in Ennis, Texas, writes that he chose Freaky Fast Frankie Joe "because it was funny and I can relate to it. It was my favorite because it was a very good book."


Clayton B., who attends Follett ISD in Follett, Texas, writes:


"My name is Clayton. I live in Follett, Texas. My teacher gave my an assignment to write to my favorite author and I chose you. What is your favorite book? Mine is Freaky Fast Frankie Joe. How many books have you written? Sometimes we write stories in class and it's easy and fun to do. What do you do besides write books? I like to play football and play outside. Keep writing books and I'll keep reading. I'd love an autograph. I hope to hear from you soon . . ."


Emily S., who lives in Springfield, Missouri, writes:


"I'm reading Freaky Fast Frankie Joe for Chat and Chew. I'm on page 60. I love the book. How many books have you made? Do you love books? What is your favorite book? I think I read one of your books beside Freaky Fast Frankie Joe.


How long did it take to make the book? Did you like books when you were a kid? What is your favorite sport? Mine is swimming. I love the book so much, when I see it I want to read it."


 Lily W., who lives in Richmond, Missouri, writes:


I am in the Sunrise Elementary Book Club and we are reading your book, Freaky Fast Frankie Joe. It is such a good book, and I fully recommend you should write a second book! Your characters were so realistic and Frankie Joe was so funny getting in and out of all kinds of situations. But I have some questions about the book.


In the book you said Mrs. Peachcott sells a brand of cosmetics called Nova. There is a brand of cosmetics called Avon. Is that where you got the name? Also, the characters were so well drawn up, I wondered if they were based on real people. Last of all, I wanted to ask are some of Frankie Joe's experiences in the book based on some of your own experiences? . . .


Ashlyn W,, who lives in Huntsville, MO writes: 


I am a huge fan of Freaky Fast Frankie Joe. I love this book because I feel the same way as Frankie Joe going back and forth to my mothers. It really touched my heart. I really do love how you showed how he was feeling.


Did you write about this because it happened to you? I want to start out being a journalist then eventaully become a writer. I love this book because when I finish a chapter, I just can't put the book down. I always want to keep turning the pages. I hope to hear from you soon.


These are some of the questions I received from the Fern Bluff, Texas summer book club:



1. Will there be a sequel to "Freaky Fast Frankie Joe?"

2. Have you written other books for kids:

3. Can you make a move out of FFFJ?



1. How do you write a kid's book?

2. How long did it take to wire FFFJ?



1. How do you FINISH writing a book?