Immortal Max - Release Date April 1, 2014

Twelve-year-old Sam dreams of owning a pedigreed puppy, convinced they are superior to a mongrel like Max, the family's ancient pet. Smelly, disheveled, hugely affectionate, Max is a walking miracle who was near death's door when Sam's sister rescued him. But Max survived and now seems immortal, which is unfortunate for Sam because his mother says no new dog if its going to bother Max. Undaunted, Sam decides to earn money to buy a puppy anyway and takes a job walking dogs in CountryWood, the fancy gated community in his rural town. There he clashes with Justin, a rich pampered "burbie" who is determined to get Sam fired. Their feud, echoing the conflict between wealthy city transplants and the "townies" leads to tragedy. Will shaggy old Max be able to save the day?